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Create Your Own Wallpaper

Give any room that bespoke feature wall by creating your own custom wallpaper. Simply upload your photo, artwork or even an image that you have found online and we will tell you here if the quality is high enough to print as wallpaper. Once you have uploaded your file and we are happy with its quality, you will be prompted to enter your dimensions and select your paper choice to complete your purchase.

Rest assured, before your wallpaper is printed, your order will be double-checked by a human for quality purposes.

If you have any special requests or questions, please get in touch.

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What can we print?

  • TIFF, JPEG and PNG files.
  • Files which are a minimum of 300dpi.
  • Image equivalent in pixels to the size of your wall, for example 3m will require at least 3000 pixels.
  • Images taken with a modern digital camera.
  • Smartphone images if the camera is set to the highest setting.
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Sorry, Your image is below the required minimum size,
but let us see if we can help you! Please enter your details below and a member of the team will be in touch.


Enter your dimensions below for a quick price or click continue to add dimensions, select materials and buy.

I acknowledge that I own the copyright to the image I have uploaded. If I do not own the copyright, I acknowledge that I have written permission from the copyright owner to use the image. I understand that '' has the right to reject or refuse to print any images that do not follow copyright laws or for any other reason deemed inappropriate. I understand that Omega Sky Ltd (trading as accept no liability for infringement of copyright and in uploading this image it is understood that you are accepting all responsibility and legal liabilities for its use.


from £28/m2
(based on Classic Material)
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Made to Measure
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100% Quality Guarantee
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100% Secure Payments
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Rated 4.8 / 5.0 (3742 Customer Reviews)

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Customer Creations


Can I upload a photo taken on my phone?

By all means, upload your photo taken on your phone. However, the likelihood is that the quality will not be good enough to print as wallpaper. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to fix these images.

To take the best quality photos, we recommend using a DSLR camera.

What if I've found an image on another website?

First of all, you have to gain permission for us to print that image for you, or you can see if we already have access to it. If you upload the image onto our website and it says the quality is too low, or you want to see if we have it already, try uploading a screenshot here.

It says my image is of low quality. Can you fix it?

If the system states that your image isn’t high-quality, you will need to upload an alternative image. Unfortunately, there is no fix that we can do to make the image a better quality.

Can you edit my image?

Absolutely! There may be a small design fee for this service but our studio team can advise you beforehand. For more information on this service, please get in touch.

Can you add a logo to my image before its printed?

Of course! Depending on your requirements, there may be a small design fee for this service. Please email your image and logo with your details to and we will advise you from here.

Can you create a photo montage?

Absolutely! There is a small design fee for this service but we will advise you of this depending on your requirements. Please contact us with as much detail as possible, along with the number of images you’d like to include in your montage.

What are the material options?

We currently have three standard wallpaper options. ‘Classic’ and ‘Premium’ are both paste-the-wall materials that arrive with free wallpaper paste and we also have a peel and stick wallpaper option. Further details can be found on our page on wallpaper materials.

If you are a health establishment, such as a dental surgery or hospital, you might want to consider our anti-microbial material. This is available by special request only.

Can I get a sample of the mural before I order?

Yes! For a small fee, we can arrange for a panel sample to be sent to you on your choice of material. Should you go ahead and place an order afterwards, this fee will be refunded to you. Simply get in touch with your file and dimensions and we will arrange the panel for you to purchase.

Alternatively, if you’d like to get feel for the materials, we can post out small swatches for free. These are not available in your choice of image as we print large format only.

How long will shipping take?

This completely depends on your location. Wallsauce is proud to be able to ship at super-speed rates around the world. For accurate timescales, please check out our delivery information.

Can I return my wallpaper if I’m not happy?

All of our murals are covered by our 100% quality guarantee. In the unlikely event that your mural arrives defected or damaged, you have 14 days to return the mural to us for a replacement or refund.


from UK
5 stars5/5
It says it all perfect


Design quality customer help delivery on time

from UK
5 stars5/5
Really Great Wall feature we love it so individual

The wall space is great we love it very individual

Service and delivery was as promised the wall scape is great very individual great product

from UK
5 stars5/5
Brightenedup mymum's room in thecare home. She isbedridden but loves flower

Looks really good, very cheerful

Product it a so realistuc, easy to put up.

Images shared

Customer Image
from UK
5 stars5/5
Looks fabulous

Excellent from start to finish. Was a bit nervous about how it would look but it is fabulous. Good quality paper, easy to put up. Will be buying more.

from Australia
5 stars5/5


Perfect mural quick deliver

from UK
5 stars5/5
Black Sabbath

As Above

Good service looks good on wall

from Spain
4 stars4/5

El pedido llegó rápido y en correctas condiciones

from Ireland
5 stars5/5

As Above

Was so easy to put up and looks fabulous

from UK
5 stars5/5


It was a nice design with vivid colours which complimented the colour on my wall

from Canada
5 stars5/5
Beautiful wallpaper!

Beautiful wallpaper! Looked exactly how it did on the pictures and made to fit our wall.

Shipping was super quick too. Would reorder from WallSauce next time I need wall paper!

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